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Scottsdale Results & Certificates

Scottsdale Results & Certificates

Results & Certificates for the
CityScape Scavenger Fun Run
Scottsdale, AZ
February 7th, 2015
Bottled Blonde

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Sampe Certificate

Final Results

1 #lyanshow 0:39:20
2 that’s what she said 0:40:03
3 AlwaysAnAdventure 0:47:56
5 Zachers 1:00:19
6 Zane and the brain 1:09:25
8 Anti-social Butterflies 1:14:10
9 Badass Bandanas 1:18:31
10 19 th st tavern 1:19:48
11 Under wear 1:21:03
12 Cloudy with a Chance of Victory 1:21:25
13 Supergirls 1:26:11
14 Team Bunzies 1:29:28
15 Birthday Royalty 1:32:28
17 sistersister 1:36:31
18 Listen linda 1:39:19
19 Barbie dolls 1:41:44
20 5 beauties & a beast 1:41:58
21 Westside lifesavers 1:45:19
22 Team oopsies 1:47:59
23 I think I can 1:49:45
24 CVS runners 2:01:53

Private Events

Parties & FUN!

Have a wedding, birthday or family reunion coming up? Then CityScape Adventures can make this a memorable experience for all. By incorporating history of the couple, the birthday person or the family this customized Scavenger Hunt will lead your participants all over the city creating memories that will last for a lifetime. Check out our Group Pricing for our Race Series or CONTACT US HERE for private events.

Fund Raising

Fund Raising Events/Tools

Looking for a fundraising event for your nonprofit organization? Then CityScape Adventures has the solution for you. We can create a customized event to reinforce your core values and provide you exposure as a fun and meaningful organization. We may also consider including your organization in our standard public race schedule. Let’s talk about raising money for your great cause. CONTACT US HERE

Corporate Events

Corporate Events/Team Building

Whether you and your company are looking for a great team building event or launch your new product/service, CityScape Adventures is for you.  We can customize an Urban Scavenger Hunt to include and reinforce specific attributes of your company, your product and your key message.  The customized Scavenger Hunt can then be delivered in person during an event or virtually to anyone to participate.  This is a great way to build teamwork, cooperation and leadership amongst your team members. And of course have a blast! CONTACT US HERE

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