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What is the CityScape Scavenger Hunt Series?

Think of a race like the Amazing race on TV or a Scavenger Hunt from when your were a kid. You and your teammate will navigate and interact with your city completing twelve CityScape Challenges that will test your wit, teamwork and leveraging of resources.

How many friends can I bring?

We have recently updated our registration system and can now accept teams up to six people.  Bring the friends and family to work together or compete against each other.

Do I need a smart phone?

Yes. We have had people complete the race without one but it will be more difficult. We use many technology sources to send you on your adventure so be prepared.

What is a QR Code Reader?

QR Codes are two dimensional codes that allow information to be delivered using a QR Code Reader. Search your Mobile Device App Store for free QR Code Readers for your device.

What should I bring?

A smart phone, pen/pencil, approximately $10 (each) in singles, comfortable shoes and an expectation to have a really good time!

Are there prizes?

Absolutely! Top teams win cash and other great prizes. We also have raffles and fun finish line challenges for additional prizes. Bring your adventurous spirit to win.

Should we dress up?

Absolutely! Not only does having a great costume make it a fun day but every race will have prizes for the best dressed up team there

Can we ride a bike or use rollerblades?

Nope. All you can use is your feet or public transportation, which includes the city bus, light rail and/or trolley. No taxi, pedicabs or private modes of transportation of any type are allowed.

Can we use the Internet?

Absolutely! The winning team will be the one that leverages all of their resources the most efficiently. Smart Phones are very useful.

Will the race go on if it’s raining?

Yes, we race rain or shine. We will only cancel the race if there are dangerous conditions for our participants.

Do we have to stick together or can we split up during the race?

Teammates must stick together!

Are there any other rules?

We want every CityScaper to have a blast! To make sure this happens we require that all CityScapers follow the laws and ordinances of the local communities we explore.

How much does it cost?

Registration is $60pp . Registrations will be accepted for $75pp on race day. You can always invite three friends and save!